September 11th-October 28th

We run selective workouts designed for junior high & high school players that are serious about getting better. These programs are specifically customized to an individual player or group of players based on the skill set they possess and what they need to do for their team.  Primarily, we want these sessions to be game specific and tailored to the strengths of each athlete while spending a select amount of time adding to different areas of their game. 

The sole focus for the junior high/high school sessions is on training and skill development where we aid in the improvement process so that players can develop and prepare them for their level of play and help their team. We take the approach that "we don't train to train but we train to become better players to help our team win more games." As we work together through the process of improvement we strive to see that our training translates on and beyond the court.  

If interested in training, please contact Coach Fazio